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Sailing holidays around the Faroe Islands | Offshore Yacht Charter

The Faroe Islands are one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Wild, wet and windy, these volcanic islands, far out in the North Atlantic are not for the faint hearted. Sail with us and you’ll discover a different world. A realm of austure beauty where crystal clear mountain streams cascade down verdant hillsides dotted with turf-roofed homes. A world where sea cliffs, teeming with birdlife, plummet precipitously into the churning Atlantic below, a world where the sea is all-powerfull.

True, the weather can be unreliable, even downright inclement at times, but the good news is that conditions in the middle of the Atlantic change fast. You’ll never have long to wait for a glimpse of sun. There’s sound logic in the Faroese saying: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes!”

This geographically isolated land of towering layer-cake mountains and deep rounded valleys, sparkling fell-top tarns and shorelines gnawed into countless craggy inlets is of such elemental wonder that first time visotors soon become ardent devotees, returning time and time again to the Faroes.

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Sailing holidays Faroe Islands

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Sailing holidays around the Faroe Islands

The Faroe islands are ideal to explore by means of a sailing voyage, because of the balance between traveling, culture and relaxing and all the special places you can only visit by boat. We will be in a port or at anchor every night. It is not necessary to have sailing experience.

On our ‘category C’ sailing holidays there will also be time for sightseeing. This means that the vessel will stay a day in a harbor and if you like, you can make a long walk for example.

The many islands and ‘Sounds’ give shelter to the swell of the Atlantic ocean. This provides many oppertunities and therefore the distances can be adapted to the weather. All this makes the Faroe Islands a fantastic and challenging sailing area for an adventurous and active sailing holiday.

We will regularly have to carry out a sailing maneuver. The sailing enthusiast can help us, but nothing is mandatory, after all it is your holiday, you can simply enjoy and relax.


Sailing holidays Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 islands between Shetland and Iceland and they are part of Denmark. Many of the cliffs have some of the densest seabird breeding colonies in the world. The sight of these alone, is suffiecient reason to sail around the Faroe Islands, but the islands are also fascinating because its close connection with the old Viking way of life. Most important however is the landscape scenery which is some of the most spectacular in Europe. The Faroe Islands are the heavily weathered remainder of vulcanic basalt and sandstone, which are constantly battered by wind, rain and the sea. This results in incredibly beautiful green slopes broken by steps and vertical cliffs (most impressive when viewed from the sea).

The erosion has also resulted in deep sounds between the Faroe Islands, through wich foreceful tides streams, with rips and races offshore. But with planning the tide, we can make our benefit and sail the Sounds of the Faroe islands and enjoy the stunning scenery. Most of the land lies between 300 and 800m above sea level, much of it rising as sheer cliffs or very steep hillsides. The more dramatic cliffs are on the West and North coasts and the tremendous ridges and fjords of the Northern Faroe islands are well worth a visit.


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To sail with us to the Faroe islands, take a look in our sailing holiday schedule. If you book early, you can fly cheap!